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Works by category:
Sculpture: '59 Coupe Installation: Brixworth Drawing: City I Painting: Trim Functional Objects: Wheeltire
Relief: New, Mexico Collage: Beach Ceramics: Plate Art Metalwork: Flat Vehicular Art: Gone Fishin'

Al Hebert is best known for his installations and sculpture using cars and automotive parts, but this website offers a closer look at other facets of his work. The philosophical outlook inherent in his work unfolded in the 70's, with issues involving dualism and the play of opposites. Materials and surfaces attempt to bridge differences between painting and sculpture, art and craft. His content mends the rift between logic and intuition, spirit and matter. Found objects are added onto flat planes and 3-dimensional constructions often have flat-planed surfaces. A certain attitude about materials, a feeling that synchronicity brings objects together, determines the combinations used in his art. The "world" is his material; his alchemy infuses artistic meaning (he calls it "poetic quality") into that material. These ideas of sidedness, the play of opposites, and the fated combinations of material manifest themselves in his work.